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Tanya Thomas is a multi award-winning solo artist, playwright, producer, actress and voiceover artist who launched her career hosting Top 40 radio shows in Singapore, jazz shows on KJAZZ 88.1FM in Long Beach, CA, and hosting 3 podcasts for Apple. She looked up to Rick Dees and Kasey Kasem, recording her own version of a Top 40 Countdown on countless cassette tapes as a kid growing up in Singapore.

Her storytelling voice made her the go-to person for helping friends make prank calls to unsuspecting crushes using different character voices and accents. At 17, she landed an on-air personality gig at Singapore’s Top 40 radio station and voiced national commercials for Harper’s Bazaar, Samsung and more along the way.

While living her childhood dream of interviewing artists, hosting radio shows and plotting to have an acting career, there was an underlying growing frustration at the lack of more English speaking opportunities on camera for minorities in Singapore. She set her sights on the American Dream and transferred to Cal State Long Beach as a Broadcast Journalism major. Within 3 months, she nabbed the prime time weekend jazz and blues shows at KJAZZ 88.1 FM and soon, Apple roped her in to develop, host and produce Apple’s first ever podcast, the iTunes Jazz Discovery Podcast. She went on to host the American Idol on iTunes Podcast and iTunes Weekly Rewind Podcast. 

Tanya was also the Apple voice for Pandora and fell in love with the voiceover world. Soon, Food Network came knocking and she became the voice of Food Network Asia. She has since voiced ads for some of the largest companies in the world and recently started dubbing TV shows from around the world for the American market!
During the whirlwind of her voice over career, she started training in the Meisner technique with Emmy Award winning actor, Jeff Kober, and continues to train with prolific actor Bill Smitrovich. She has played a biomedical doctor, news anchors, and other roles that embody her essence of power, ambition and intrigue. Not one to wait for the phone to ring, she wrote her own part in a one-woman show called Naturally Tan, playing 35 multicultural characters while celebrating her cross-cultural path to self-worth. 
Tanya has always followed her bliss at every stage of her life. She believes purposeful desires are placed in your path for you to carry them out… little whispers from the divine that are love fist bumps meant just for you. She always strives to be in tune with that whisper… which is why she is not afraid of hard work and is never giving up on her dreams. She hopes her 2 daughters, Nikhita and Aanika, see that relentless drive and will live a life of intention, never shying away from their purpose.




Behind the scenes of things I love (books, art, fashion, food), #momlife, and life as a voice actor, actress and solo artist.


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